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The Hygiene Benefits of Using Disposable Packaging for Catering Products

In the catering industry hygiene is everything. Whilst it is important that food is kept fresh and tastes good, it is also vital that it isn't contaminated by bacteria. This is why disposable packaging has become so important.

Being disposable doesn't mean that packaging has to be of a lower quality though. If you do choose to go down this route it is important that you maintain standards and ensure that the packaging is able to fulfil your requirements in the same way as re-usable alternatives.

It can be just a simple matter of time and convenience for catering companies, offices and kitchens. Why spend hours cleaning and disinfecting items for future use when you can simply use once and then consign it to the bin.

There are of course waste issues to consider here, which is why you should always look to source packaging from manufacturers or suppliers who use recycled products, or indeed are recyclable themselves. This is of course becoming increasingly popular as more consumers are seeking out these products and therefore manufacturers are more inclined to supply them.

Functionality is vital of course. As already intimated towards, you can't sacrifice the usability of a product simply to make it more convenient or cheaper for you. Therefore ensuring the quality of an disposable packaging for your catering equipment is highly important.

The hygiene issue is massive too. Catering products need to be clean and they shouldn't be exposed to anything that could be considered harmful or that might transmit potentially harmful germs. Therefore, whether the packaging is disposable or otherwise, it has to be up to the job.

Usage, remember, might actually be spread over many weeks, for example when buying a preserve or condiment. So whilst they will be disposed of eventually, they have to be able to continue doing their job throughout the course of their suggested lifetime.

In this instance, and many others, the temptation to re-use a container or packaging can lead to hygiene and quality concerns. Cross contamination of products can be extremely dangerous and the efforts required to ensure that this doesn't occur often don't justify the cost savings that you may potentially enjoy. For large catering companies and other businesses in the field, this gamble simply isn't worth it.

Whether you're dealing with meat, vegetables, poultry products or just dry coffee, packaging is used to preserve and protect the items contained within. More often than not they are designed to simply do this once and never again, and not without good reason either. It's affordable, safe, risk-free and convenient.

You don't even need to sacrifice individual style if you choose to adopt disposable packaging for products you're manufacturing. Modern plastic moulding processes afford an opportunity for companies to create something that is hygienic, recyclable, inexpensive and will still attract consumer attention. It's simply about being creative and functional.

So when it comes to catering products, there are numerous hygiene benefits for those choosing single-use disposable packaging. Contamination of products is difficult and once it has served its purpose it is simply thrown away, rather than risking future issues. Whilst the disposable culture might not be something you're overly keen to promote, certainly the health and safety benefits should prove to be benefit enough to justify it.



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