Pete’s Packaging was one of the pioneers of eco friendly packaging in New Zealand when we first offered sugarcane options to forward-thinking Kiwi cafes and restaurants.

Today, our range of eco friendly packaging spans from cups, glasses and plates through to boxes, trays and utensils. As customers demand eco-friendly packaging, we’re committed to expanding our range while maintaining a reliable and personalised service. We also offer the widest overall range of foodservice packaging available.

Have you ever wondered what makes packaging sustainable? Eco packaging is made from a variety of materials that are either biodegradable or commercially compostable, including sugarcane, PLA, cardboard, wood, bamboo and even paper.

The Pete’s Packaging team personally visits our offshore and New Zealand-based suppliers to ensure their products and processes meet our rigorous sustainability standards.

We’re your one-stop packaging supplier, where you can order sustainable packaging alongside all your other foodservice and food preparation requirements.

Contact us today for a chat about your eco-friendly packaging requirements.